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RARE, Authentic US Navy Great White Fleet, WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam Era Vintage United States Navy Issued Antique Heavy Damask White-on-White Banquet Size Tablecloths and Vintage Linen: US Navy Dinner Napkins, Cocktail Napkins and Silverplate Navy Napkin Rings.

US Navy Tablecloths and Napkins were used for every day Officer Wardroom and Captains Mess dining and the proper protocol of table linens for formal Navy Dining-In Ceremonies! Each tablecloth and napkin has in its white-on-white weave great swirls of coiled naval rope, stars, and some have the initials USN and/or Department of Navy Seal. Only one word can describe these table linens - Stunning!

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formal dining in ceremony table setting with navy-issued china and silverware

These authentic U.S. Navy Tablecloths, US Navy Napkins, vintage heavy damask white-on-whit linen nautical tablecloths and nautical napkins were used aboard ship and shore from the early 1900's thru 1960's, with most being actually produced prior to and during WW2 and are in excellent condition with many years of more use.

Made from the best linen cloth, they are stunningly beautiful heavy damask white-on-white table linens and were used exclusively as the US Navy's official dining-in linen from the smallest Officer's Wardroom aboard a WWII Destroyer Escort sailing in the South Pacific, to a very formal "Dining-in" hosted by the Chief of Naval Operations or Secretary of the Navy.

Each U.S. Navy Tablecloth and vintage Navy Napkin is in an elegant and tastefully distinctive nautical pattern and nautical decor with twisted Naval rope, 5 pointed stars, and the Department of the Navy seal with Naval Anchor. U.S. Naval Academy USNA Ivory Lace Tablecloths are also available here at The Pirate's Lair, and are perfect graduation or promotion gifts for the Midshipman.

nautical banquet size u.s. navy tablecloth military table linen with u.s. navy seal and anchor

The above left photo shows a banquet size 132" (11') U.S. Navy tablecloth with twisted Naval rope and 5 pointed stars vertically the full length, with U.S.NAVY in 1" block letters horizontally every 3'. All china, silverware, and serving dishes shown are U.S. Navy issued and can also be purchased at The Pirate's Lair.

The photo on the right shows the typical Department of the Navy Seal used on most of the Navy's tablecloths, dinner napkins, and cocktail napkins. The Navy Seal consists of a circle with the words "United States of America" across the top and "Department of the Navy" on the bottom. An Eagle and shield with 13 stars above its head (representing the original 13 colonies), and clutching the fluked Navy Anchor.

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official u.s. navy table linen tablecloth with laundry marking detail of shipboard laundry marking on naval tablecloth

It just doesn't get much more authentic than this! Note the original shipboard laundry identification tag and markings found on this particular nautical tablecloth in the upper left hand corner near the seam, exactly as how it was done aboard ship in the 1940's! All US Navy tablecloths and U.S. Navy napkins will come cleaned, some professionally cleaned and pressed. NOTE the beautiful and elegant nautical design of thick and thin twisted rope in the photo to the right in a nautical decor. Though nautical patterns differ slightly this is similar to the twisted rope found on all U.S. Navy issued nautical table linen be it nautical tablecloths, nautical dinner napkins or nautical cocktail napkins.

formal dining in ceremony table setting with navy-issued china and silverware commanding officer us navy napkin ring

If you are looking to present a formal dining table as what was used in the 1930's to 1940's in US Navy Wardroom's, or the discerning type seeking that rare combination of very unique but subtle, understated yet stunningly elegant nautical decor and nautical theme for your nautical table setting then you won't find any better by using authentic vintage U.S. Navy table linens!

The photo to the right also illustrates some of the original and authentic silverplate US Navy Napkin Rings which we have available. They came from an aircraft carrier's wardroom mess and many are already inscribed with the position or title! As you can see the one to the right is inscribed "Commanding Officer", see below for more details and titles. We also have plain uninscribed US Navy Napkin Rings as well.

The look and feel of the seating arrangement seen above is what could have commonly been found in an at-sea Captain's Cabin on a battleship, or an Officer's Wardroom on heavy cruisers during WW2.

navy tablecloth with weaved twisted rope design

navy tablecloth with twisted rope

The photo's above and to the left are of a banquet size tablecloth with weaved in twisted rope in varying sizes and naval stars. Beautiful and fit for any fine dining room and certainly as linen for a formal US Navy Dining In Ceremony!

navy napkin with weaved twisted rope and department of navy seal design navy napkin with weaved twisted rope and department of navy seal design

The above two photo's illustrate the Department of Navy Napkins with the Navy Seal centered around twisted rope and stars weaved right into the pattern. Absolutely stunning when paired with the matching Navy tablecloths, china and silverware!

navy tablecloth with usn, stars and twisted rope design

navy tablecloth with usn, stars and twisted rope design

The above two photo's illustrate the US Navy napkins ca Great White Fleet and WWI era's up until WWII. The design consists of twisted rope and stars with the initials USN weaved right into the pattern. Note the "reversability" of the initials USN, they were weaved in such as a way as to be readable looking from any angle!

The nautical tablecloths, nautical napkins, table linens, china, silverware and the silver serving dishes are ALL United States Navy issue! The dining table is completely set in authentic 60+ year old U.S. Navy tableware which has the traditonal Navy Fouled Anchor design either glazed into the china or engraved in the silverware.

Rare Authentic US Navy Napkin Rings, beautifully made with Silverplate and Brass with Slight Oval Shape Formal Design used in the Wardroom Officer's Mess Aboard an Aircraft Carrier During Vietnam.
Authentic US Navy Napkin Rings Click Photo!
Some Napkin Rings Already Inscribed with Naval Title/Position Aboard Ship, Some Plain and Uninscribed
$25. to $75. Price Range - Get A Napkin Ring with a Napkin and a Price Discount Will Apply.
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U.S. Navy Tablecloths, Dinner Napkins and Cocktail Napkins
Description of Table Linen
Size in inches
Price Each - Discount Applied If Purchased w/ Napkin Ring
Information and to Order
 #1 Tablecloth w/ Navy Seal, Stars, Rope  excellent - orig shipboard laundry tag!  91x68  $225.  
 #2 Tablecloth w/ Navy Seal, Stars and Rope  excellent  91x68  $195. Sold!  
 #3 Tablecloth w/ Navy Seal, Stars, Rope  excellent - small light yellow stain  89x69  $165. Sold!  
 #4 Tablecloth w/ Navy Seal, Stars, Rope  very good - small worn area can be mended  72x51  $165. Sold!  
 #5 Tablecloth w/ Navy Seal, Stars, Rope  fair - 2 original Navy laundry mends  70x68  $125. Sold!  
 #6 Tablecloth w/ Navy Seal, Stars, Rope  Gorgeous - rare square table size  70x71  $195. Sold!  
 #7 Tablecloth w/ Navy Seal, Stars, Rope  Gorgeous - rare square table size  70x71  $195. Sold!  
 #8 Tablecloth w/ Navy Seal, Stars, Rope   Beautiful - pro cleaned on hanger/plastic  109x53  $350. Sold!  
 #9 Banquet Size Tablecloth w/ Navy Seal, Stars, Rope   Beautiful - small 1/2" spot, hardly noticable  112x70  $400. Sold!  
 #10A HUGE Banquet Size Tablecloth w/ USNavy, Stars Down the Middle, Large Twisted Rope Along the Sides   Stunningly Beautiful - pro cleaned on hanger/plastic - RARE One of a Kind Captain or Admirals Mess - 1 Available  131x72  $600.  
 #10B HUGE Banquet Size Tablecloth w/ Stars Down the Middle and Large Twisted Rope Along the Sides   Stunningly Beautiful - pro cleaned on hanger/plastic - RARE One of a Kind Captain or Admirals Mess - 1 Available  120x72  $525.  
Call to Order
540 659 6209
 #11 Large Square Tablecloth w/Stars, Rope and Center Seam   Beautiful - Brand New, Never Used, Round or Square Banquet or Reception Tables - 7 available  84x84  $200. Sold!  
 #12 USNA US Navy Academy Lace Tablecloth w/ Anchors, Academy Insignia   Beautiful, Brand New! Delicate Ivory Lace - 2 Available  70x90  $75. Sold!  
 #1 Formal Dinner Napkin, WWII Era - 1940's to 1950's - RARE w/ Centered Dept of Navy Seal, Stars in Corners, Rope Along The Edges   Beautiful - Pro Cleaned - 6 Available - Excellent Condition For the Most Critical Formal Dining-In Ceremonies  22x22  $65.  
 #2 Dinner Napkin, Navy Seal, Stars, Rope  Poor - need mending, worn - a few available  22x22  $15. Sold!  
 #3 Formal Dinner Napkin, Early 1900's Great White Fleet and WWI Era (possibly to 1930's) - Various Stars and Rope Pattern with USN Monogram  Beautifully Detailed - Pro Cleaned, Excellent Condition - Limited Quantity  22x22  $65.

Great White Fleet and WWI era. Excellent Condition.
 WWI Great White Fleet Cocktail Napkins
#4 RARE! Formal Heavy Damask White-on-White Cocktail Napkins w/ USN monogram and Twisted Rope Border
 8" x 8"  Beautifully Detailed - Pro Cleaned, Excellent Condition - Limited Quantity - RARE! $85.

Great White Fleet and WWI era. Excellent Condition.
Call To Order
540 659 6209

The Ordering Table to the left will provide a description of the Tablecloth or Napkin, its condition, size in length x width, and price.

Further information and Online Ordering can also be accomplished by clicking on the "Order" link which will bring you to our retail organizations Shopping Cart.

Please feel free to call us regarding these or any other items you have found on The Pirate's Lair and we will gladly try to help.

You can also place a telephone order as well.

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10' liberty ship wooden hatch cover dining room table liberty ship hatch cover nautical coffee table and nautical bench liberty ship wooden hatch cover captains desk and nautical sea chests

The photo to the left shows the 10' (120" x 42") WW2 Liberty Ship Hatch Cover refinished into a one-of-a-kind stunning nautical dining room table weighing in at over 1200lbs. The trestle is made from the discarded timber of demolished other Liberty Ship hatch covers which were part of the Moth Ball Fleet located on the Hudson River in New York. The craftsman inlaid naval rope all along the edge of the hatch before putting on 20 layers of polyeurethane!

The other two photo's show the smaller 5' WWII Liberty Ship and Victory Ship Wooden Hatch Covers refinished into handsome nautical coffee tables, nautical end tables, and captain's desks. These nautical coffee tables are child proof!!

Note the brown and green "Captain's Sea Chests" which are antique 19th century passenger ship trunks refinished into Sea Chests for filing important papers and storing office desk supplies!

These authentic WW2 Liberty Ship Hatch Covers and antique trunks refinished into unique and rare nautical home furnishings are available and for sale at The Pirate's Lair.

Below are links to other Antique Nautical and Naval Artifacts which you may be interested in.

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Click HERE for Nautical Antique Trunks Which Look Like Captains Sea Chests, Treasure Chests, Pirate Chests - Great to Re-Use as a Navy Retirement Shadowbox and Storage for Uniforms and Memorabilia

OPTIONAL - Trunk Wood Engraving Examples and Prices
Custom Designed, Handcrafted, and Hand Lettered in Caligraphy on your Antique Chest
Personalized Burnt Wood Engravings
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Personalize Your 100+ Year Old Antique Trunk in Perpetuity!
Antique Trunks as a Shadow Box and Storage Chest!
Customer Photographic Examples of our Antique Trunks Being used as a Military or Naval Retirement Shadow Box and Storage Chest!!
Military or Naval Retirement Ceremony Shadow Box
Click Here for Sample Shadow Box Photographs From Customers
Why just get a shadow box or a newly made trunk with no history! One of our 100+ Year Old Nautical Antique Trunks can be used for both a Shadow Box and Storage Chest for your Uniforms, Photograph Albums, and Memorabilia!

Rare 1880 to Early 1890's Photograph of Antique Trunk Factory and Workers Using Albumen Silver Print Method, Mounted to a Period Board Which Dates The Photo
Note the Flatop and Two Monitor or Waterfall Trunks, Each Being Individually Unique at the Very Time of Production.
antique trunk factory workers
Click Photo For Larger View and More Historical Information!
The Pirate's Lair Exclusive!
We all romanticize about the mystique of these antique trunks. The possible owners and travels that each steamer trunk has taken, along with the high level of detailed craftsmanship in the original production of each and every steamer trunk with that individualized character giving both intrinsic and non-intrinsic value.
However the truth of the matter is that the majority of these trunks were made towards the middle to end of the 19th century just at the dawning of the industrial revolution here in America when there were no child labor laws or protections. This rare photo clearly illustrates at least 3 generations of owners and workers, ages appearing to range from pre-teen/adolescent, teens/early adult, through middle to old age!
It was a common practice that loyal and productive craftsmen would be allowed to bring their children to work with them to learn a craft, so many of the children in this photograph were more than likely sons of the men shown.
Note the adolescent factory workers on top row! Note that there are no women in the photo! This is due to the fact that at that time "proper" women did not work outside of the home, certainly not in a factory. Everybody appears to look pretty stern, having on their arms crossed and "work" faces put on.
Copy of Photo On Request With Every Trunk Purchase

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The US Navy Tablecloths and US Navy Napkins are completely authentic fine U.S. Navy table linen. The nautical tablecloths and nautical napkins make perfect dinner napkins and cocktail napkins.
Made of heavy damask these linen tablecloths and linen napkins are great for the waterfront homeowner looking for that special nautical decor or gift for a Navy Officer or just as an authentic nautical home furnishings.

The Pirate's Lair offers the most unique nautical china gift ideas for men whether they are sailors, fisherman or a Navy Officer. These nautical theme products are also great gift ideas for women as well.
Whether it is a nautical home furnishing unique naval gift idea for a man or woman you are looking for it would be great as a wedding gift or wedding reception, promotion, graduation, retirement gift, or anniversary gift.

These United States Government issued U.S. Navy Table Linens are unique and elegant in that desired subtle and understated manner. The elegance and authenticity of these vintage military tablecloths, dinner napkins and cocktail napkins are the perfect for the nautical decor and nautical theme many waterfront home furnishes.

The United States Navy issued these table linens from WW1 through and including the Vietnam war, and consisted of vintage nautical damask white on white nautical tablecloths and nautical napkins.
The Pirates Lair makes them available now to both military and civilian alike as nautical home furnishings or as official U.S. Naval gifts for the active duty or retired Navy Officer
If you are seeking authentic US Navy Tablecloths, US Navy Napkins, or US Navy table linen then the Pirates Lair is the place to be. If you are the discerning excecutive or Naval Officer seeking informal yet stunningly elegant nautical tablecloths, nautical napkins, dinner napkins, or cocktail napkins with a nautical decor then these are it!
The perfect gift for Navy Officer, Naval Academy Midshipman, or Navy wife who desires to prepare official U.S. Navy Dining-In formal ceremonial dinners.

These US Navy Tablecloths and US Navy Napkins are perfect to be used on a yacht or waterfront home as nautical tablecloths and nautical napkins since they have the distinctive nautical theme of fouled anchors and twisted navy rope.
All of these linen tablecloths and linen napkins have a nautical decor and would be the perfect gift for Navy Officer or graduating USNA Naval Academy Midshipman and as a nautical home furnishings.

The waterfront homeowner, boat owner or yacht owner, navy officer or navy veteran would be especially pleased and grateful in receiving these rare nautical gifts as they would fit perfectly in a beach house, ocean resort or seafood cafe.
Great Nautical Gifts for Men and Women with a distinctive Unique Nautical Theme of antique, vintage Naval china, silverware and other nautical home furnishings can be found at The Pirate's Lair. Appropriate for official U.S. Navy Dining-In's. The Military Dining-In ceremony requires an appropriate table linens.
All nautical gifts and gift ideas for men as well as gift ideas for women have the desired nautical theme. These gifts for Navy Officers, naval military fisherman are antique and vintage nautical china and nautical silverware.
Perfect gifts and presents for the waterfront home, owners of boats and yachts, or sailors. They are perfect for outfitting the beach house, as a wedding gift, anniversary gift, Fathers Day gift or a Mothers Day Gift.
A complete set of Navy China and Silverware would be a perfect promotion gift or graduation gift for the Midshipman or newly commissioned Navy Officer, or for that matter to the Commanding Officer of a U.S. Navy Warship.
magine getting this vintage Navy China as a unique gift for the Wardroom Officer's Mess, or as a Retirement Gift from the Navy!