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Making Waves and a Big Splash with US Navy Dinnerware, Navy China Plates, Bowls, US Navy Silverware, Restored Antique Trunks For Sale, Naval Antiques, Nautical Dinnerware, Pirate Chests, Sea Chests, Pirate Treasure Chests, and More! 100 Year Old Antique Steamer Trunks Re-Purposed to Military Retirement Gifts, Military Shadow box Ideas, Navy Retirement Gifts, and Unique Navy Shadow box Ideas for Him or Her!
No cheesy reproductions found here, only cheesy sailors!

1840s0-1850s British Royal Navy Mess Plate - Victorian era Spring 2017 Well everybody, 2016 was a banner year for The Pirates Lair and the 1st Quarter of 2017 indicates that with the Good Grace of God we will exceed what we did last year. Right now we are restoring more antique trunks for the 2017 Season.

Remember: active duty and veterans get a 5% discount on all of our items AND if you can pick the item up you get an additional 5% "No Hassle to the Pirate" discount! That's a 10% discount if you live or travel around the Washington DC area. But please CALL FIRST before just stopping by since our local Stafford County Zoning and Business Insurance prohibits retail sales.

Photo to the left is a Victorian era 1840s-1850s regulation British Royal Navy Mess Plate - Stunning and Beautiful in its detail! Click Here for British Royal Navy Messware and Rum Cups! We have added some very kewl inventory to our 100+ year old line of Antique Naval Items which would make great gifts for any sailor, and even the most discerning senior Naval officer! Click Here For 100 Year Old Antique Naval Gift Items.

Spring 2016 We are currently restoring antique trunks for the 2016 Season and will have a wide array of fully restored medium to very large flat tops, roll tops, and dome tops and currently have over 80 to choose from. Additionally, we have added many hard to find or one-of-a-kind Naval Antiques from many of the navies around the world to our collection for your review and interest, many are available for sale. Click Here For 100 to 150 Year Old Fully Restored 19th Century Antique Steamer Trunks!

Fall 2015 We have just completed our Summer Nautical Antique Trunk Restorations in preparation for upcoming Military/Navy Retirements and the Christmas/Holiday Seasons with over 150 restored antique trunks available for immediate delivery on a first-come/first-served basis and once ordered will ship the next business day. Be advised we will not be restoring nor posting any additional restored trunks until late December 2015 or very early January 2016. Click Here For 100 to 150 Year Old Fully Restored 19th Century Antique Trunks!

henry mcneil cove road, charlotte vermont, Antique Trunk #289 Summer 2015 A prominent newspaper in Vermont, "The Charlotte News", has published an article about The Pirates Lair and this rare trunk previously owned by Henry McNeil and then by his son Lyman McNeil. Click Here to Read the Article About this Antique Trunk, Henry McNeil, and The Pirates Lair!

The Pirates Lair has been mentioned in various articles from traditional and online periodicals and newspapers as the leading retail outlet for restored antique trunks, naval dinnerware, and 18th thru 19th century naval boarding weapons!

Note: For Late Summer through Fall we have over 150 restored antique trunks available for delivery! This is the largest selection we have ever had as we spent the Spring and Summer obtaining and restoring these 100+ year old trunks getting ready for 2015 Holiday Sales! Remember, all trunks are on a first come, first served basis and once ordered will ship the next business day. Late last year we almost ran out of available trunks by the 1st week in December after shipping more than 100 in a 2 month period.

Military, Army, Air Force, or Navy Retirement Gift Shadow Box Idea for him or for her Spring 2015 The Pirates Lair has now shipped its 100th restored antique trunk to be re-purposed and used as a US Navy Retirement Shadow Box Display and Storage chest! All are trunk antiques between 100 to 150 years old. Click Here For Examples of Antique Trunks Re-purposed into Military, Army, Air Force, Marine and Navy Retirement Shadow Box Ideas!

Many Navy, Army, Airforce and Marine enlisted and officers alike have purchased antique trunks from The Pirates Lair that have been restored in a fitting manner allowing for the most cost-effective means to repurpose them into a beautiful piece of furniture that would easily fit into any contemporary home environment and decor.

When opened the restored trunk displays all of the Veterans ribbons, medals, flags, coins, commendations and other articles as well as all of the covers, uniforms, boots, photo albums, and other memorabilia that a 20 or 30 year career in the military could accumulate! Trunks range in size from small, medium, large, and HUGE!

communist chinese PRC PLAN enamelware cup East China Sea Flotilla or Fleet, Exploration and Reconnaissance Unit, and dated May 1969, Hull or Pennant No. 034 Winter 2014 The Pirates Lair now has the Western World's Largest Collection of Mid-Late 20th Century (1950s-1980s) Peoples Republic of China (PRC), Peoples Liberation Army and Navy (PLAN or PLA-N) Authentic Enamelware Cups and Plates used by Chinese sailors stationed aboard ship, shore, and aircraft!

These cups and plates were used Aboard Communist Chinese Navy Surface Ships, Submarines, Naval Aviation and Naval Bases in the North China Sea Fleet, East China Sea Fleet and South China Sea Fleets! Perhaps some of you "China Sailors" sailing on Westpac cruises or stationed out of Japan and the Philippines actually crossed bows or were overflown by some of these chinese planes and ships while on patrol! A must-see for naval historians and naval veterans of the Vietnam and Cold War era's! These are the most unique pieces of naval dinnerware we have had the great opportunity to aquire and make available!

To the left is just one example of our many cups and plates in our collection and this particular cup was used by an Exploration and Reconnaissance Unit (spy ship!) that was attached to the PRC-PLAN East China Sea Fleet, backstamped and dated May 1969, with the 034 as Ship's Pennant or Hull No. Click Here For Availability of PRC PLAN Cups and Plates!

restored antique trunks for sale as navy retirement gift or navy shadowbox idea Summer 2013 The Pirates Lair is now the Worlds Largest Supplier of 100-150 Year Old Authentic Restored Antique Trunks For Sale, also sometimes known as Steamer Trunks. This summer we have sold over 300 Restored Antique Trunks and our customer range from Madison Avenue Advertising Companies putting together special ad campaigns which require real Antique Pirate Chests and Treasure Chests, 19th Century Room and Home Decorators and Designers looking for those special Steamer Trunks. And most importantly men and women in our armed forces who are looking to get special Military Retirement Gifts and Navy Retirement Gift Ideas that re-purposed our Restored Antique Trunks as a Military Shadowbox or Navy Shadowbox ideas where they could safely display their medals, ribbons, flags and then store their uniforms, photograph albums, and years of memories. Click Here For Available Ready To Ship Fully Restored Antique Trunks

Spring 2013 The Pirates Lair can now be found on Facebook where we provided product updates and offerings such as Antique Trunks For Sale, Military and Navy Retirement Gift Ideas by Clicking Here For The Pirates Lair on Facebook!

Winter 2012 The Pirates Lair can now be found on Twitter @VirginiaPirate where we update our followers to the latest product offerings. However we also created a special Twitter Web Page which displays in chronological order the entire record of tweets which includes the latest restored antique trunks, just listed Naval Antique item announcements, and historical informative information. Click Here For The Pirates Lair Twitter Feed

naval china saucer and cup with anchor Summer 2012 The Pirates Lair has now reached a number of major milestones in its collection of antique naval dinnerware and edged weapons for sea service. We now have the largest and totally complete collection of 19th and 20th Century British Royal Navy Rum and Grog Equipment used to store and dispense the daily grog, a time honored 400 year old tradition suspended in 1970. We have also aquired the complete regulation mid/late 18th and 19th Century British Royal Navy and American Navy cutlasses and boarding pikes. Also British and French Boarding Axes from the mid 18th to late 19th century.

Summer 2011 Much of the same US Navy enlisted dinnerware offered by The Pirate's Lair as has been seen in the new HBO release "Pacific" about WWII in the Pacific Theater which was mostly fought by the US Navy and Marines! We can authoratively state that the dinnerware and tableware (such as stainless steel dinner trays, knives, forks, spoons, handless white mugs, white bowls, large pitchers, flatware and many, many other items) shown in the various mess decks and galleys shown in the TV epic "Pacific" are 100% accurate and true to history.

Spring 2011: The production company currently filming a soon to be released new motion picture epic entitled "Battleship" in Hawaii has purchased the "Department of Navy" china used as props in the wardroom officers mess during the making of the film! $50. in free Department of Navy china to anyone who can spot this china being used in the film!

Here at The Pirate's Lair is your chance to own some of this authentic WWII dinnerware and tableware used by our sailors and marines during WWII in both the Pacific theater and European Theaters. In fact, this naval china pattern was used from about WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam eras along with the matching silverplated flatware which can all be purchased as individual pieces or as sets here at The Pirate's Lair.

nautical themed china house and garden

Navy China Featured In House and Garden: The Pirate's Lair with its U.S. Navy Nautical Themed China with Fouled Anchor has been featured along with credits in the January New Year's issue of"House and Garden" magazine.

This nautical old navy china as provided by The Pirate's Lair appeared as part of the photo shoot of Chloe Sevigny's posh East Village townhome entitled, Reinventing Downtown: The big news about "Big Love" star (and Downtown Manhattan diva) Chloe Sevigny's beautiful new East Village home!

The photo to the left was taken in Sevigny's dining room which featured the vintage WWII US Navy China Dinnerware now sought after for its rich history, proven durability, and sheer elegance.

Worldwide Authority and Largest Source of Antique US Naval Chinaware and Elegant Vintage USN Navy Silverware with a Distinctive Nautical Theme and Nautical Decor along with Restaurantware, Flatware, Silver Plate, Nautical Tableware, and Nautical Gifts from late 1800's to mid 1900's all used by the U.S. Navy. These authentic Naval and Maritime items make perfect "Welcome Home Military Gifts" to our returning Iraqi and Afghanistan Vets!

The Pirate's Lair is also a purveyor of fine damask Old Navy Linen Tablecloths, USN Navy Linen Napkins and other Nautical Table Linens and Gift Ideas for Men and Nautical Gift Ideas for Women. Appropriate for Military and Navy Enlisted Chief Petty Officer and Officer Retirement and Promotion Gifts, such as WW2 Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Cover Coffee Tables and Antique Maritime "Captain's Cabin Sea Chests" refinished to store your hanging file folders and important papers normally found in a Sailor's Seabag! Or they would make the perfect "nautical" china chest and silverware chest to store your U.S. Navy Nautical Tableware and Dinnerware! Call The Pirate's Lair @ 540-659-6209

USN Ladies engraved "Fouled Anchor and USN" Bracelet
WW2 Navy Silverplate - Rare Naval Trenchart - Small and Medium Size
ladies bracelet from ww2 USN silverplate Kings Design spoon handles
Click Photo for More Info and Photos!
Nautical Navy Trench Art "Kings Design" Pattern - First produced ca 1890 - 50 to 95 years old - Perfect Gift for the Pirate's Wench!
Pirate's Springtime Nautical Wedding Gift Special!
Click Here To Order
USN Ladies engraved "First Love" Bracelet
WW2 Navy Silverplate - Rare Naval Trenchart - Small Size
ladies bracelet 1937 ww2 USN silverplate First Love spoon handles
Click Photo for More Info and Photos!
Nautical Silverplate Old Naval Trench Art "First Love" Pattern produced in 1937 70+ years old - Perfect Nautical Gift for the Navy Wife or Sweetheart - a "First Love"!
Pirate's Winter and Springtime Nautical Gift Special!
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USN Ladies engraved "Rose & Leaf" Bracelet
WW2 Navy Silverplate - Rare Naval Trenchart - Small Size
ladies bracelet 1937 ww2 USN silverplate Rose and Leaf pattern spoon handles
Click Photo for More Info and Photos!
Nautical Silverplate Military Trench Art "Rose and Leaf" Pattern - First Produced 1937 70+ years old - Perfect Nautical Gift for the Navy Wife!
Pirate's Springtime Nautical Gift Special!
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USN Ladies engraved "Avalon Pattern" Bracelet
WW2 Navy Silverplate - Rare Naval Trenchart - Small Size
ladies bracelet 1937 ww2 USN silverplate Avalon pattern spoon handles
Click Photo for More Info and Photos!
Nautical Silverplate Antique Old Navy Trench Art "Avalon" Pattern - First Produced 1940 65+ years old - Perfect Nautical Gift for the Navy Wife!
Pirate's Springtime Nautical Gift Special!
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USN Heavy Duty Nautical Key Chain for Men or Women
WW2 Navy Silverplate - USN & Fouled Anchor - Clip on Belt Loop or Handbag Strap.
Men or Ladies Large Heavy Duty Keychain with USN and Fouled Anchor, WW2
Click Photo for More Info and Photos!
Nautical Silverplate Naval Trench Art WW2 Nautical Key Chain - "Kings Design" Pattern - Perfect Nautical Gift for the Navy Husband or Wife!
Pirate's Father's Day Nautical Gift Special!
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USN Ladies engraved "Rose & Leaf" Keychain
WW2 Navy Silverplate - Rare Naval Trenchart - Small Size
ladies keychain 1937 ww2 USN silverplate Rose and Leaf pattern spoon handles
Click Photo for More Info and Photos!
Nautical Silverplate Military Trench Art "Rose and Leaf" Pattern - First Produced 1937 70+ years old - Perfect Nautical Gift for the Navy Wife!
Pirate's Springtime Nautical Gift Special!
Call To Order
540 659 6209
Fouled Anchor and USN Ladies engraved Keychain
WW2 Navy Silverplate - Rare Naval Trenchart - Small Size
ladies keychain ww2 USN silverplate anchor and usn pattern spoon handles
Click Photo for More Info and Photos!
Nautical Silverplate Military Trench Art "Fouled Anchor and USN" Pattern - Perfect Nautical Gift for the Navy Wife!
Pirate's Springtime Nautical Gift Special!
Call To Order
540 659 6209

Pirate's Lair Glossy 4 Panel Brochure in PDF
Click the above link to download and view The Pirate's Lair Brochure!

complete naval china dinnerware placesetting Click Here for Vintage U.S. Navy China, Chinaware, Dinnerware and Tableware

Perfect Nautical Gifts for returning veteran welcome home gifts, nautical wedding gift or reception for a military Navy enlisted or Naval Officer with an elegant nautical theme for the newly wed Midshipman or Navy Officer. Perfect as a waterfront nautical home furnishing, nautical decor for boat or yacht owner, beach house, ocean resort, or that special fisherman or sailor!

Beautiful rich in appearance pearly white antique Old US Navy china shown with dark blue striping and fouled anchor which is the most popular nautical pattern - perfect for everyday use or on special occasions such as formal Navy Dining-ins.

All U.S. Navy china and silverware can be purchased online here at The Pirate's Lair as individual pieces or as entire placesettings. Everything offered is in stock and ready to ship.

us navy silverware silver plate kings pattern Click Here For Antique U.S. Navy Silverware, Flatware, and Silver Plate engraved with a U.S. Navy Fouled Anchor in a unique and distinctive nautical dinnerware pattern in a subtle and elegant manner!

Made to Match the Navy China!

Durable, commercial-grade vintage U.S. Navy silverware shown in the silver plate intricate King's Pattern with ENGRAVED FOULED ANCHOR DESIGN complete "soup to nuts" place settings for both informal and formal dining with a distinctive Nautical theme!

formal naval table setting tablecloth napkins, dining in ceremony Click here for Authentic U.S. Navy Damask Vintage Table Linens, Tablecloths, Dinner Napkins, Cocktail Napkins, and Nautical Linens used by our sailors. USN Navy tablecloths come in varying sizes from 48" to a full banquet size 132" x 80".

Note the beautifully detailed white-on-white nautical pattern of stars and intertwined twisted nautical rope in long columns going the length of this 132" banquet size damask linen tablecloth. Navy linen has repeated patterns of the U.S. Navy Seal, Fouled Anchors, twisted/entwined Naval Rope, Stars and Eagles! A stunning formal dining-in is presented using authentic U.S. Navy China and Silverware in the sought after Kings Pattern.

The authentic nautical gifts of U.S. Old Navy-issued silver plate gravy boats, cruet for the oil/vinegar salt/pepper and Naval ice bucket are clearly seen and can also all be purchased at The Pirate's Lair.

All Navy Table Linens are in stock and can be purchased Online. These beautiful WW2-era U.S. Navy Linen Tablecloths, Dinner Napkins and Cocktail Napkins will come to you professionally cleaned. Imagine having this same stunningly beautiful authentic nautical tableware actually used on U.S. Navy warships on your own dining room table!

liberty ship wooden hatch cover desk and treasure chest Click Here for authentic antique Nautical Home Furnishings, Nautical Furniture, and Gifts with a Nautical Decor such as real "Treasure Chests and Captain's Cabin Sea Chests", vintage U.S. Merchant Marine Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Cover Coffee Tables, Nautical Desks, and other Naval Memorabilia with a Nautical Theme - Available and For Sale!

Note the beautifully refinished antique WW2 Libery Ship's wooden hatch cover refinished into a unique one-of-a-kind Captain's Desk! GREAT Maritime Furniture, Nautical Furniture or Nautical Gift Idea for the CEO, Naval Officer, or Pirate!!

To complement the Nautical Furniture of Nautical Tables and Nautical Desks, the Captains Sea Chests and Pirate Treasure Chests are original 19th century antique nautical chests and trunks with a unique nautical theme and nautical decor are truly "pirate treasure chests" ca 1800's. In most cases these flat top and domed trunks contained the only worldly possessions these immigrants had in starting a new life in a new country if they weren't attacked and captured by Pirates, Privateers or the feared Buccaneers of the Carribean who then stole and used these chests to store their hoard of gold and treasures!

The Pirate's Lair now offers you these restored antique trunks tht have that Pirate Chest and Treasure Chest look and appeal, and Captain's Sea Chests as a unique way to hold hanging folders and files, store desktop clutter such as pens, paperclips, staplers, tape dispensers, letter openers, and even your Notebook PC! These could also be used as Silverware and China Chests to store your U.S. Navy China. The nautical decor with a maritime theme is right out of "Master and Commander" or "The Pirates of the Caribbean", but these no movie props they are the real deal!

liberty ship wood hatch cover coffee table ww2 ships wooden hatch cover dining table Click Here For The Pirate's Favorite Nautical Links, Navy Information, Naval History, and other great Nautical Furniture Gift Ideas. WW2 Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Cover Desks and Tables are also Available!

Pictured Nautical coffee tables and a nautical dining room table are salvaged from the cargo holds of 65 year old WW2 Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Covers and Maritime Furniture are now available to you at The Pirate's Lair!

Click HERE to Review our Antique Restoration Process and How To Restore Antiques!

Rare 1880 to Early 1890's Photograph of Antique Trunk Factory and Workers Using Albumen Silver Print Method, Mounted to a Period Board Which Dates The Photo
Note the Flatop and Two Monitor or Waterfall Trunks, Each Being Individually Unique at the Very Time of Production.
antique trunk factory workers
Click Photo For Larger View and More Historical Information!
The Pirate's Lair Exclusive!
We all romanticize about the mystique of these antique trunks. The possible owners and travels that each steamer trunk has taken, along with the high level of detailed craftsmanship in the original production of each and every steamer trunk with that individualized character giving both intrinsic and non-intrinsic value.
However the truth of the matter is that the majority of these trunks were made towards the middle to end of the 19th century just at the dawning of the industrial revolution here in America when there were no child labor laws or protections. This rare photo clearly illustrates at least 3 generations of owners and workers, ages appearing to range from pre-teen/adolescent, teens/early adult, through middle to old age!
It was a common practice that loyal and productive craftsmen would be allowed to bring their children to work with them to learn a craft, so many of the children in this photograph were more than likely sons of the men shown.
Note the adolescent factory workers on top row! Note that there are no women in the photo! This is due to the fact that at that time "proper" women did not work outside of the home, certainly not in a factory. Everybody appears to look pretty stern, having on their arms crossed and "work" faces put on.
Copy of Photo On Request With Every Trunk Purchase

Below are links to other Antique Trunks, Nautical and Naval Artifacts which you may be interested in.

Click HERE for US Navy Silverplated Silverware in the Kings Design with "Fouled Anchor" made for the Wardroom Officers Mess ca 1905-1960 - Matching silverware to the navy anchor china!

Click HERE to Review how this and other of our Pirate Chests, Treasure Chests, and Antique Chests were Restored, our Antique Restoration Process, and How To Restore Antique Nautical Furniture!

OPTIONAL - Trunk Wood Engraving Examples and Prices
Custom Designed, Handcrafted, and Hand Lettered in Caligraphy on your Antique Chest
Personalized Burnt Wood Engravings
Click Here To Review Sample Engravings
Personalize Your 100+ Year Old Antique Trunk in Perpetuity!
Antique Trunks as a Shadow Box and Storage Chest!
Customer Photographic Examples of our Antique Trunks Being used as a Military or Naval Retirement Shadow Box and Storage Chest!!
Military or Naval Retirement Ceremony Shadow Box
Click Here for Sample Shadow Box Photographs From Customers
Why just get a shadow box or a newly made trunk with no history! One of our 100+ Year Old Nautical Antique Trunks can be used for both a Shadow Box and Storage Chest for your Uniforms, Photograph Albums, and Memorabilia!

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The Nautical Gifts restored antique trunks for sale and Antique Old Navy china, Silverware, Maritime Furniture and Nautical Furniture are the perfect and unique military Welcome Home Gifts, Nautical Gift Idea for Men and Women pirates, offered by The Pirate's Lair is both antique and vintage. This is fine dinnerware, also called tableware or restaurantware, and was produced from the late 1800's to the mid 1900's.

The USN Navy also commissioned a pirate called holloware also known as graniteware which is also highly collectable. The Navy silverplate and silverware was heavy and made for long lasting use by the leading silversmiths such as International Silver Company, Reed and Barton.
The antique trunks Navy china was made by a pirate named Homer Laughlin China Company, Tepco, Sterling China, Buffalo Tableware Company, Jackson, Homer Laughlin, Walker, Oneida, and Shenango. The vintage china consisted of dinner and bread plates, salad, soup and berry bowls, coffee, tea and demitasse cups.
U.S. Navy Silverplate, Navy Silver was also produced with a distinct Nautical Hollow Ware (holloware) of Servers, Serving Trays, Nautical Bowls, Coffee Servers, Tea Servers.

The Pirate's Lair also scours the seven seas for other great navy antiques and Nautical Gifts such as the very rare antique captains sea chests, pirate treasure chests, wooden hatch covers from the cargo holds of 65 year old Merchant Marine Liberty Ships. These Liberty Ships were produced in mass during WW2 to be the backbone supply ships for the U.S. Navy.
It was a race to build and launch these supply ships faster than they could be sunk by our adversaries! After WW2 these ships were decommissioned by the Navy, put into mothballs, sold to various shipping lines, foriegn governments and ultimately as scrap metal.
So we at the Pirate's Lair find it almost a patriotic duty to diligently find some of the old vintage wood hatch covers used on these pirate ships and refinish them for further use! We find them to be perfect complements to the Naval Chinaware, Flatware and Silverware.
Navy china and navy chinaware, and nautical chests, pirate chests, sea chests and treasure chests for liberty ship hatch cover coffee tables (or nautical office desk, end table or kitchen table) all have a nautical theme and they make a wonderful nautical gift ideas for father's day gift, wedding gift, anniversaries and promotions in rank.
An antique or vintage liberty ship wooden hatch cover table is not that very expensive to afford and is the perfect gift ideas for men pirates. The Naval dinnerware and tableware offered by The Pirates Lair is also called restaurantware or hotel china.
The Navy china plates, cups and platters are also called chinaware. The pots, pans, serving trays, creamers and gravy boats are called holloware. Both the pirate chests, captains sea chests, and treasure chests are typically 100 to 150 years old and could come out of the movie set "Master and Commander" or "The Pirates of the Caribbean", but these sea chests are real and authentic, not a movie prop or reproduction.
All of the Navy silver plate and navy silverware are also called flatware.